Balancing and jam bugs patch

I finally got time to fix the jam bugs and balance the gameplay. The following are the most significant changes. If you were one of the jam testers and had to ragequit because of the rat and bat level, feel free to try the game again.

  • Base move speed increased by 50%.
  • Reduced spikes collider and rebalanced the spike level.
  • Fixed mobs being able to kill the player while dying.
  • Rewrote player attack, it should feel much more responsive.
  • Reduced mob attack range. Increased it's aggression and aggression release ranges.
  • Made aggressive mob speed slightly faster.
  • Bow state is now saved correctly.
  • Speed potion effects should apply instantly now.
  • Fixed dialogue prompt flicker when spamming the action button.
  • Fixed missing sound effect when triggering hidden stairs on the slime level.


Ghost's Quest Win32 71 MB
Mar 22, 2019
Ghost's Quest Win64 72 MB
Mar 22, 2019

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